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  • Mold Remediation

    Tielok - Before and after

    MARBLELIFE TileLok Services - Mold Blocking Treatments

    Mold needs moisture, organic material to feed on and prefers a dark environment. Eliminate these elements and one can disrupt the molds growth and tendency to return. MARBLELIFE's TileLok Treatments can help. Once a surface has been cleaned free of mold, TileLok coatings provide a non-porous protective barrier preventing moisture from reaching the stone surface.

    As an inorganic coating, the treatment provides no mold friendly media to support mold growth. Easy to clean and maintain, TileLok serves to protect a mold friendly surface from seeing a re-infestation of surface mold.

    The only way mold is coming back is if it is growing onthe back side of the tile, in which case, you have bigger problems, with moisture leaking behind the stone.

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