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  • TileLok™

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    MARBLELIFE’s TileLok™ provides a long lasting and stunningly beautiful wax-free finish that protects tile and terrazzo surfaces from abrasive wear, mold growth and chemical attack, while imparting excellent anti-slip properties. Married with MARBLELIFE’s ColorSeal system an old tired ceramic and porcelain floors can be restored to better than new, with uniform consistent fresh clean grout and a clean glossy wear resistant surface.

    Ideal for bathroom floors, where your tenants, prospective tenants, customers and visitors make decisions on whether to return to your restaurant, building, or practice based on the perceived hygiene observed. MARBLELIFE’s TileLok & ColorSeal treatments restore your first impression, and make your floors easier to clean and maintain.

    Tielok - Before and afterExceptional Wear Resistance – Employing a MicroGuard siloxane based chemistry yields a surface that is 10 x the hardness of a urethane or acrylic, translating into exceptional wear. In fact the wear is so good, most properties do not require any further floor maintenance attention for 1 to 2 years, after which a few high wear spot re-applications is all that is needed.

    Primary benefits include:

    • Unparalleled Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D-4060)
    • Mitigates Mold Growth (ASTM G21)
    • Yields Improved Floor Surface Traction
    • Eliminates the Need for Waxing & Buffing resulting is significant Maintenance Cost Savings
    • Easier to Clean & Maintain Surface
    • Exceptional Stain Resistance Properties
    • Non-Yellowing Crystal Clear Finish
    • Highly Resistant to Common Graffiti Tagging
    • Enhances the Color of Decorative Stone
    • Interior or Exterior Installations

    Wax-Free Maintenance Cost Savings – While MicroGuard’s hydrophobic film properties naturally repel dirt and other debris, which helps reduce the cost of cleaning chemicals and labor costs associated with cleaning maintenance, its primary benefit is the fact that you can maintain a beautiful gloss without the aid of wax.

    Cost Savings

    The elimination of periodic waxing, stripping, buffing and scuffing translates into an enormous maintenance cost savings, everywhere this product is installed.
    Anti-Slip Performance. MARBLELIFE’s TileLok Floor Coating employing MicroGuard Technology is Engineered to yield a 0.7 coefficient of friction, which places it in the Veteran’s Administration’s recommended performance window for optimal traction.
    Mold Growth is Retarded, as the coating’s non-porous nature blocks water from feeding mold from the backside. As a non-organic coating it offers no food media for the mold. Previously mold problem surfaces coated with MicroGuard do not see a re-occurrence of surface mold.
    Blocks Bacterial Absorption by Grout – MARBLELIFE’s TileLOK Floor treatment’s non-porous nature blocks liquids, dirty mop water, urine or any other spilled liquid from coming into contact with your grout, preventing grout from staining. Spills and bacteria laden liquids such as urine remain on the floor surface where they can be more easily cleaned up. This translates to a healthier floor, free from STAINED ugly grout!
    New Installation Grout is sealed and resists common stains such as oily grime, dirt, urea, mold and food or beverage products.

    Suitable for Use on horizontal flooring and vertical wall installations of:

    Brick ~ Ceramic ~ Flagstone ~ Flamed Granite ~ Porcelain ~ Slate ~ Terrazzo

    Utilized in:

    Auditoriums ~ Casinos ~ Churches ~ Commercial Buildings ~ Hospitals ~ Medical Buildings ~ Residential Homes ~ Restaurants ~ Schools ~ Residential building

    The cured film is water-clear, highly UV light resistant and maintains its depth of image without waxing or buffing. Performance is such, that the coating can be employed as a UV block. Couple with ColorSeal Grout Restoration and Stained grout can be restored using MARBLELIFE’s TileLok Services ColorSeal system to return a clean uniformly colored grout appearance. MARBLELIFE custom colored seal will penetrate the stone infusing the surface with color as it seals the grout against future staining.